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Registration & payment

Registration is done on a first-come first-served basis, based on the time of registration. If the event is full, you can still sign on for the waiting list in case a place frees up. Also see our house rules for details on how this works for our events.

Registrations will open on March 13 at 20:00 CET. To register for the event, you can log in to our registration system (you'll have to create a forum account to log in with first).

Make sure that your details in the registration system are up-to-date before registration opens, so that you can click through easily. After you have registered, you have one week to make your payment. This deadline is so short because there are a lot of costs involved with this location and we want to be sure of the payments and motivated participants. If you do not pay on time, we will admit another participant in your place.

If you cannot pay within that week, but you can guarantee a later payment, please contact our treasurer (via to reach an arrangement (also within the stated week!).

If you have not paid after a week and we have not heard from you, we will move your registration to the waiting list. When a spot is freed, we will admit people from the waiting list in order of registration date / time, but only if they have paid or have made a payment arrangement with the treasurer.


Both runs will be played in English. To encourage exchange between the international and Dutch LARP scenes, we have dedicated 8 places for participants living outside of the Netherlands, while the other 8 spots are initially only available to people who do live in the Netherlands.

If both runs are full, you are allowed to sign up for the waiting list of both runs to maximize your chances of getting in. However, if you get in on one of the games we will remove your registration from the other game.

If you have already participated in the first run, we kindly ask you not to register for these two runs. We want to give as many people as possible a chance to play this game.

The fallen Icarus

Picking a character

At 'On the Styx' you will decide whether you want to portray either a male or a female god (there are 8 of both) or whether either is fine, before registering for the larp. During the registration process, you will be asked whether you want to play a male god, female god, or are ok with both.

The physical manifestation of a god will not necessarily match their mythological gender. For example: Hermes is a male god, both in mythology and in our game, but he can easily have chosen to take a female form for now. Your out of game gender identity will in no way influence your pick of characters unless you want it to. The only thing you will have to choose beforehand is the mythological gender(s) of your preference.

Another option is 'I do not care about the gender of my character'. That means we can have some flexibility in our participant list. Note: please do not pick this option when all your preferred characters share a gender, because then nothing changes for us casting-wise. If for example 5 people pick a female god and 8 people pick a male god, we will use the three neutral players to fill out the other female gods.

Please do not let your character choice be guided by the way you look, think you are perceived or other people’s (alleged) expectations of you. In the end the gods are immortal beings that can look however they desire, and one of them has chosen to look like you. Be proud of yourself :).

After the larp is full, we will send you a character preference form, so you can tell us which characters you'd like to play and we can cast you. More about casting can be read under "Characters".