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Gods behaving badly

The gods of Olympus have fallen on hard times. It is the era of cynicism. Faith is hard to come by and their stories have become funny anecdotes and theatre plays, rather than dogma. Without priests, temples or followers, using their divine influence on the world is more difficult every day.

At 'On the Styx' you will play one of the Greek gods, in their current physical incarnations. While some of them have adjusted to the modern era with a job and a life, all of them are struggling to come to terms with their growing irrelevance.

Immortality has become a curse rather than a blessing. Something has to change.

Zeus has called for a long-postponed family meeting, in order to mend fences and make a game plan.

Some propose to just wait it out. They assume that when their powers have completely waned they will just become mortal. And after they die they will join the afterlife of the gods that are currently in power. And as none of the gods really knows what Mortality is like, it is a tempting mystery…

Others choose to be proactive. In a few weeks’ time the stars will be right and an opportunity will present to cross over to the closest thing gods and pantheons have to an afterlife. An unknown place where many gods, such as the Meso-Americans and the Egyptians, have already gone. They will be able to continue to exist together, though cut off from every aspect of the mortal world. And who knows, maybe they will be given the opportunity for a new beginning? But are they prepared to leave everything they have ever known behind?

And then there are those that believe in a final chance to regain their full power. It is not unprecedented - Hecate has new followers among modern pagan religions, and the Norse pantheon has gained some relevance in the modern day, albeit through an association with a horrible thing like neo-nazis and the extreme right. It will not be easy, that is for certain.

What the Olympians all agree on is that they need a plan. It will take a united and concerted push, because they have precious little power left in this world. But it has proven difficult to have constructive discussions as their family has struggled for centuries, with the changing modern times, with each other and with themselves.

This is a larp about family drama. About alliances, love, anger, forgiveness, difficult decisions and above all about acceptance. The gods are inclined to fight the passage of time, while it seems abundantly clear that this is useless. Who will be the first to acquiesce? Why?
Or is it still possible to reinvent oneself when you are 3000 years old? Is it true that you are never really too old to learn?

There are no new dates planned for On the Styx yet

The last runs were held in August 2022. As of yet no new dates have been planned. Of course we'll keep you posted when we decide to rerun the event again.


Family - You can pick your friends but not your family. It’s complicated. You can’t live without them, but Styx knows you can’t live with them either. Especially that one.

Ennui - You have seen and done it all. The world seems to be an endless cycle of repetition, each generation more boring than the last. You don’t really know what to do to be able to experience something new. Isn’t there anything original anymore?

Hedonism - To kill your infinite amount of time your family and you have always been involved in a ceaseless dance of conquests, excess, provocations and taunts; and you will certainly not be the first one to quit.

Uncertainty - What is your place in the world and what will become of you? Can you still reinvent yourself and if you can, does it matter? Are you just supposed to accept that you are yesterday’s news? You are a friggin’ god!

Greek gods, painted by Rafaël