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We play in a villa called "Aan de Hammermolen". Their website is only available in Dutch.
It is situated in the south east of the Netherlands.

Hammermolen 15
6086 BE Neer
Limburg, the Netherlands


'On the Styx' will be run twice in 2019:

  • July 12-15
  • July 19-22


There are only 16 available places per run. The page "before you register" has all the info you need before and while registering.

House rules

During this event, the house rules of Evolution Events apply. You can find a Dutch and English version on our website.

The organisation

This event is designed and organised by Evolution Events. EE was founded in 2005 by a group of friends and has been run by pretty much the same people since. Over these years, EE has organised over 40 events, among which longer and shorter campaigns as well as one-shot events and has developed its organising style to produce high quality games starring inter-personal, vulnerable and immersive roleplay, with a focus on cooperative creativity and narration.

You can reach the organisation via or

Other runs

This event was organised once before by Evolution Events. This first run was in Dutch and called "Bij de Styx". Photos can be found in our gallery.

Because of the limited number of players, especially compared to the interest (also from international players), and because due to the transparency and lack of plot in this event it lends itself well to reruns, we decided to host these two international reruns.

If there is sufficient demand, there might be additional reruns in the future (hosted by us or perhaps others).

Death of Semele by the revelation of Zeus' true being


The price for the event will be € 160. This is (as always) as close as possible to the actual costs for the event.

Even then, we are aware of the fact that some people simply can not spend so much money on a larp. That is why this time we have a maximum of 2 "small purse spots" available. The rules, vision and explanation behind this can be found on our website . The reduced price is € 90,-. Applications for a small purse place within 7 days of the opening of the registration are included in the draw. Applications that come in afterwards will be admitted in order of application, provided that there is still room.

The price excludes alcohol, please add € 10 to your payment if you want to consume alcohol during the event.


In any case, we believe you get value for money:

  • A beautiful location. A rather luxurious villa with (mostly) 2-person bedrooms, each with a separate bathroom (though note that in some rooms, there is little separation and privacy between the room and the bathroom).
  • An extra night. We need some time on Friday for the final preparations - such as the workshops - before we start the game, and the game is given the space to "breathe". In addition, we will have the time at our (modest) afterparty to discuss our experiences with each other and we only have to leave Monday morning.
  • All-in : food, drinks, snacks and overnight stays are included in the price. The only exception is alcohol. If you plan to consume alcohol, you can purchase an alcohol package for an additional € 10 for this event. Within the available stock and the safety limits (to be determined by the crew) alcohol will be served to you during the game.
  • Full in-game serving. During the entire weekend you will be served by the EE crew in their roles as the servants of the house (including during two IC dinners). You will be treated as the god you are.

Additional nights

Because the two runs are held in adjacent weekends, we have the option of additionally booking the week in between at a reduced price. This means there might be the option to spend one or more additional nights (after the 12-15 July run, or before the 19-22 July run). This might be a nice to way to spend some extra time with your fellow players, or have some extra flexibility in your travel plans. If we decide to offer these extra nights, we expect to charge around €20-€40 per night (excluding food). The exact price might vary depending on the demand.

These extra nights will only be offered when there is sufficient demand. Are you interested? Please send us an e-mail at right away to let us know how many extra nights you would like to stay. We aim to know within a few weeks after opening registrations whether these extra nights will be offered and for what price.

Time table


The event will start around 20:00 with a series of workshops to get to know each other, get on the same page game-wise, talk about safety and consent and preparing the game by strengthening and making character relationships. This takes a while, so make sure to be fed, caffeinated and ready to go. If you really have to arrive later the first few workshops can be skipped and recapped for you, though please try to be on time. The last workshops, from 22.00 onwards, are mandatory because they are meant to introduce the characters, craft or deepen relationships and go over the safety and consent rules one last time.

Please note: There will be a light meal available and some snacks but if you have the opportunity, please arrange your own real dinner before 20:00.

Saturday / Sunday

On Saturday morning you will wake up in character. Play will continue without breaks until Sunday sometime after dinner, after which a modest after-party will follow. There you will have the chance to reflect, de-roll and hang out.


On monday morning we will have breakfast together and leave the location before 10.00.