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Play style

'On the Styx' has a setting and characters but no plot. All the play during the game will be based in the characters and the interactions between you and your co-players. These interactions can be based in dramatic conflicts in the history of characters, achieving or failing to achieve the character’s goals or events as they unfold during play, but in the end each god’s story will not be an organizer-written narrative but rather a personal journey.

This means the initiative for the pacing and intensity of the game lies with the players themselves.
You will have more responsibility for your own game and that of others than at many other events. We expect people to put effort into trying to feel the needs of others when it comes to play, when they need support or adversity. It also means that the choice for the optimal moment to reveal character traits or story, and how and when to work towards your character’s goals, is up to you.

Because this is a standalone larp with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships it will (we hope) lead to intense play where failure is ok and where it feels safe to take risks. On this page you will find tips, ideas and metatechniques that will help to establish a base for this sort of play.

Contrary to some of our past events (like the Exit-series) where the organizers tried to steer clear of the play area entirely, at this game we will strive to make you feel like you are important Olympians to the best of our abilities. We will cook for you, pour your drinks when you call for them and try to grant your requests wherever possible within the limited means of this woefully depowered 21st century. In short we will wear cheap togas and play the overworked nymphs, muses and other mythological bit players serving the gods.

The servants will not make calls, are never part of any plot or story and are solely there to facilitate your play and stay. Of course you can ask the servants for things you need at any time, like wine or a pen, or let us help you when you have questions, feel uncertain or unsafe or are stuck with your character. You can involve us in play to some extent, for example say "the servant will confirm I am way more attractive than you, right?", but keep in mind it might be more fun to direct play towards your co-players.

Kidnapping of Persephone by Hades

Tone and content

This larp is intended as a family drama or soap opera-style game, where the relationships between the characters become strained, blow up and are put back together again. That means the tone is overall serious and can be tragic, but there is always a nod towards humor and beauty too. We were inspired by the novel Gods Behaving Badly and the book/tv-show American Gods, though we in no way try to be as dark as the latter.

But just like soap series there will be psychologically challenging themes: social exclusion, infidelity, family fights, addiction and regret will be a part of the game, and quite a central part for some characters.

Furthermore, in the mythology about and thus the background of most characters themes like (sexual) violence, torture, murder, suicide, loss, incest and slavery can play a role.

Of course our casting form will give you the opportunity to tell us what topics you want to try to avoid, but we can never guarantee they will never come up altogether. If there are themes that are a trigger to the extent that they can not be mentioned by others, we would advise you to consider not participating.


Still hyped? Then please register, but take note of the following.

  • Participants need to be over 18
  • You can not win this larp
  • If you are very uncertain whether you will enjoy this larp or if you think it will be triggering or otherwise psychologically too taxing, please practice self-care and reconsider your registration. After all, you will be more or less locked up with fifteen others for whose play you are (partially) responsible.
  • If we have concerns about the event we reserve the right to consult with (potential) players about their participation. We also reserve the right to refuse people's participation or remove them from the event if safety warrants it.

Make sure to fully read the page "before you register".