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On the Styx 2021 - FAQ

I have a question!

You've come to the right place. Your answer may be in this FAQ and if it is not, it may be on the website. We know it's a lot of stuff to read and remember, but please check those places first. If your question remains unanswered, send us an email at and we will help you as soon as we can.

I personally know one of the organizers! Won't PM-ing them be much faster?

Yes. Nonetheless we would appreciate it if you send the question to the general email address ( anyway. We will get back to you as soon as possible, but may need time for discussion. For the sanity of all our team members: please do not overwhelm them personally.

I received a confirmation email with payment details, except there's no price in it?

Oops, an oversight on our part. We'll fix this for later mailings, but for now you can check your registration within the system to see the total price for all your chosen options (under "Dashboard", to the right of the event name).

I want to switch runs. Is that possible?

If you want to switch runs, make sure to let us know by email. We kindly ask you to find someone yourself to swap places with, and don't forget to let us know about the desired switch once you do so we can administrate. To preserve the balance within the player group, we can only swap Dutch players with Dutch players and international with international players.

This is only possible until the casting has started (early August).

Will there be Facebook groups for the participants of each run?

We will try to generate Facebook groups as soon as possible and will let you know (per email) as soon as we've made them. Joining these groups is optional (mainly for hyping and connecting to other players in your run).

I am in! What will happen next? When can I start preparing?

We will send an elaborate casting form to ask you your character preferences, but no sooner than August 1st. After that we'll do the casting and let you know which role you got and send the full character descriptions so you can start preparing. We will also (see above) make a Facebook group for each run soon and send an email about this.

I registered at exactly 20:00, but I am still on the waiting list?

On the Styx is a very small event with a lot of people who were trying to join within a very short time window. This means the event filled within seconds, so even though you were registering at exactly eight, you can still be on the waiting list. We went over the administration and want to assure you, there were no bugs or weird issues - if you're on the waiting list, that really, honestly means the event was full before you registered.

I am very disappointed that I did not get in.

This is technically not really a question. But believe us, we understand. We are a bit blown away too, and we've had to disappoint many people. But this will most likely not be the last run of Styx, and we are planning to release a documentation kit for the game in the future so that other people can organize it too. Feel free to bug your local organizers about it once that happens!

Where on the waiting list am I? I have registration number 254 but I was really fast with registering?!

The number you got in your signup is a personal registration number, not a waiting list spot number.

To see how many people are above you on the waiting list, check the 'Dashboard' page, unfold the 'registration details' and see the text below 'status of registration'.

Please realize that this is, by necessity, only an indication, since you will only be admitted to a slot that opens up if it fits your registration. For example, if you're a Dutch player at the top of the waiting list, and an international spot opens up, we will admit the international player who's closest to the top of the waiting list. By the same token, if a player who has been cast as Poseidon is forced to cancel, we will not put a player in that spot who registered only for playing female gods.

What are the odds that I'll be admitted, given my place on the waiting list?

Since the event will take place next year there's a lot of things that can happen in the meantime that might cause people to cancel their registration, freeing up space. We can not predict when this will happen exactly. It is, however, a fact of life that cancellations will happen and not everybody on the waiting list will keep on waiting.

(Attention: policy has changed!) I'm on the waiting list, when do I have to pay?

The interest for this event was honestly overwhelming. We are used to having waiting lists of 4, maybe 5 people, and the default policy works pretty well in those cases. However, given the number of people on the waiting list this time around, we're not comfortable asking so many people for payment up front.

We've decided to waive the payment requirement for being admitted from the waiting list for these events (On the Styx runs 3 and 4). That means that if you're on the waiting list and a spot opens up that we could give to you, we'll contact you and let you know, and only then will you be required to pay (or tell us when you will be able to pay). However, if you find you're on the waiting list but cannot or no longer want to attend, please let us know, so that the waiting list stays accurate and manageable.

If you've already paid for a spot on the waiting list, we will return that money to you as soon as possible, but within a week at the latest.

I requested a small purse spot but I am on the waiting list, what should I do now?

First off, we changed the payment policy for the waiting list, see above. There is no need to do anything now. If a spot frees up and you would be admitted, we'll contact you. If there are no small purse spots left, you can choose whether to pay the full price or decline the spot.

I am on the waiting list but I no longer want to attend.

Please let us know per email ( so we can remove you from the waiting list, keeping information for other waiting participants accurate.